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Portfolio of Pen and Ink Drawings


"the General"





"Artillery Lieutenant"

"Off to do Battle"


"the Seamstress"




"Old Homestead"


"Wood Patterns"


"Feed Barn"   


"Gabe's Country Memories"




"Casual Ali"


"Stairway to Nowhere"






 "Lucy's Wedding Day -- 1937"

"Cpl. Johnny"



"Sarah Reclining"

"Sarah "

 "Dreamy Sarah"

"Belinda's Soul"

 "Mr. D. I."

"Paul Hebert 1924 -- 2007"




"Major Dearing"


"Major Dearing and the Lady"


"Colonel Dearing"


"General Dearing and Wife"



"RD and Patricia"





"Mowata Flight Service"


"71st International Rice Festival"


"If Bricks Could Talk"




"Richard John LaFleur"



"Tee Cajun"













"Cajun Mardi Gras" Series

A new and dramatic series of images depicting the local people who participate in this annual event here in the Prairie Cajun celebrations in southwestern Louisiana.

Return again to see more images added to this section which will eventually include a dozen pen and ink drawings.

"Gumbo Tonight"

"Bestowing Treasures"


"Ma Poule (My Chicken)"


"L'Anse Maigre Rider"


"Cajun Musician"

"Fiddle Maker"



image of Ali Paige pen and ink
Private Collection
of Artwork.

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image of Ali Paige pen and ink




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