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"the General"
Pen and Ink
11 x 14 inches
Prints -- 11 x 14 inches, Unsigned: $20
Prints -- Signed by Artist: $40


"the General" is a study in pen and ink of a living historian reenacting a civil war battle in the town of DeRidder, Louisiana at the beginning of the reenactment season.

"the General" utilized technique in line art and stippling to create a dimensional effect to the work.

The work depicted was done from a photograph taken at the living history event.

This study in pen and ink techniques was completed in April 2006.

The work took approximately 12 hours to complete and measures about 8 x 10 inches on an 11 x 14 background.



The photo used in completion of "the General" artwork. The photo was taken by John I. Reed and is Copyrighted by him.






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