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Pen and Ink
11 x 14 inches
Prints -- 11 x 14 inches, Unsigned: $30
Prints -- Signed by Artist: $40
Greeting Card -- $3.00 each
Size: A-8 (5 1/4 x 7 3/4 inches)
(Minimum Order: 5 Cards)



"Determination" is a portrait depicting a moment in time during the reenactment of a small civil war skirmish at the Acadian Village in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The camera caught the determined look of the subject -- a dismounted cavalry corporal -- as his skirmish line advanced on the retreating opposing troops.

This study in pen and ink techniques was completed in April 2006.

Extensive use of line detail work combined with spotted usage of stippling effects combined to create a dramatic finished portrait of "Determination".

The work took approximately 12 hours to complete and measures about 8 x 10 inches on an 11 x 14 background.



The "Determination" photo used in completion of this artwork. The photo was taken by Alma B. Reed and is Copyrighted by her.





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