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Joe Richard recently attending a living history event in southwest Louisiana



Joe Richard is a portrait artist who currently specializes in pen and inks.

As most children do, he began doing artwork in his early school years with the usual results. Childlike drawings led eventually to a desire to improve and to create art that would please the people closest to him.

He recalls eventually learning to draw horses and then moved on to portraits of fellow students with some degree of accuracy.

Techniques were learned. Styles were eventually developed with a pleasing touch that set a trend for his style of art.

He became obsessed with attention to detail.

This attention to detail continued on through the remainder of his school years.

Finishing high school, the clouds of war approched...the war in Vietnam.

After a short stint in the military during the Vietnam years, Joe packed up and went to New Orleans to attend art school in the hopes of learning more about the finer points of his style of art.

Receiving his degree, he found a job working for a major retail firm doing newspaper advertising, eventually working his way into junior management.

Over the years, he continued to work on portraits as well as in the Mardi Gras field. Joe designed many "doubloons" and "parade throw cups" to name a few.

The mediums that he explored were pencil, pen and inks, pastels, colored pencils, felt tip markers to mention but a few.

This work -- though fun -- was never fully rewarding, for the artwork was mainly time sensitive and lacked the detail he wished to pursue.

Hurricane Katrina then changed his life.

Joe became a "hurricane evacuee" along with his wife and five house cats.

They had to relocate to southwest Louisiana -- the place of his childhood -- where eventually he plans to again make his home.

Awaiting the repairs to his home in his New Orleans suburb, he again turned to his former passion -- artwork.

Because of the tremendous "ups" and "downs" of trying to get a house repaired, a new location set up for construction of a new home -- all from across the state -- and having to live in a bedroom in a family member's home for some nine months to date, this artist has again turned to his beloved pastime of artwork in order to strive to save his sanity!

The portfolio depicted on the following pages are samples of the current style that he is exploring.

Eventually samples will include artwork depicting the earlier years of his life -- Cajun art.

Joe hopes that you enjoy his artwork.






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