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Greeting Cards
Pen and Ink
Greeting Cards -- $3.00 each
Size: A-8 (5 1/4 x 7 3/4 inches)
(Minimum Order: 5 Cards)

The majority of the pen and ink drawings in this collection are also available in greeting cards. The greeting/note cards measure 5 1/4 x 7 3/4 inches in size and are printed on high quality linen/vellum 80 lb card stock. A-8 envelopes are included as part of the order.

A minimum order of 5 (five) cards per order, please.

Mix or match your selection from the following collection of cards:


Series #1: Mardi Gras in Acadiana

My Chicken

Gumbo Tonight

Lans Maigre Rider

Fiddle Maker

Cajun Musician



Series #2: Memories of Acadiana

Country Memories


Old Homestead

Wood Patterns (Old Homestead)

Stairways to Nowhere

Mowata Flying Service


Series #3: Faces of Acadians in Gray

Cpl. Johnny



Off to Do Battle

Artillery Lt.

the Seamstress


Series #4: Christmas in Acadiana

If Bricks Could Talk

Country Memories: Christmas Edition

Old Homestead: Christmas Edition


Series #2008: Christmas in Acadiana

Tee Cajun




You can click on any link above to view the image that is displayed on the greeting/note cards. The above images illustrates some of the cards.


If interested in purchasing, drop me a line and you can mix/match any combination you wish.

The price does not include shipping. I can get that information to you at the time of your order.

Keep checking back in the future for I will be adding additional card series from time to time.







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